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October 18, 2012
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Over $12,500 Well-Spent


As marketing professionals we need to be looking for opportunities to share what we know with those who may need it. There are organizations out there trying to do good but can’t afford the marketing know-how to get their message heard.

One small way this is being remedied is by an event called CreateAThon. Groups of creative professionals, including graphic designers and copywriters, get together for a 24-hour whirlwind creative spree with the goal of creating professionally designed marketing materials for worthy nonprofit organizations. All the work and subsequent printing is donated.

It has been the pleasure of Burlington Press to donate the printed materials for this project for the past 6 years. I learned about CreateAThon when an organization I volunteer for was selected to participate. I was amazed at the quality of the work being done. I quickly offered our help and it has been our pleasure to donate the printing ever since.

The 2012 CreateAThon was the 10th anniversary of this event. The organizers of the the Delaware Valley CreateAThon, Richard Cardona and Alison Judah, decided that 10 organizations should be served to honor the 10th anniversary. This anniversary year was a stretch of resources because usually only about 5 or 6 organizations are selected, however somehow it all came together.

Not all 10 organizations needed printing, but those that did were:

  • BalletX – Philadelphia’s premier contemporary ballet company – We donated a direct mail campaign.
  • Community Soup Kitchen – Works with the homeless and hungry in Philadelphia – We donated posters.
  • Feast of Justice – Provides a community food pantry and other resources including counseling and educational programs – We donated two brochures and posters.
  • Orchard Friends School – A private school that serves children with disabilities -We donated a brochure and presentation folder.
  • Perkins Center for the Arts – An arts organization in South Jersey – We donated a direct mail campaign.
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility – A well- known organization comprised of medical professionals – We donated stationary, business cards and a brochure.
  • Singing City – A choral music performance and educational organization – We donated stationary, business cards and a poster.
  • Virtual Tutoring and Mentoring – Offers virtual school options to help children achieve proficiency in reading, math and writing – We donated stationary, business cards and a brochure.
  • Woman’s Solo Project – Offers services to at-risk women and children – We donated stationary, business cards and two brochures.


Some of these organizations are startups that could never have afforded the amount of work involved in these creative and printing services. Others are well-established nonprofits that have needed help due to the economy, loss of donors amongst other reasons.

All of this printing amounted to over $12,500 and it feels good to be able to donate this amount of work to this many organizations.

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