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July 2, 2015
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4 Direct Mail Mistakes

4 direct mail mistakes

Bad Mailing List

An instructor once walked into a room full of students and began speaking about economics. 30 minutes into the lecture one of the bored and fidgety people in the audience mentioned that the class he was talking to was art appreciation. Not identifying your correct audience before you attempt to connect with them is missing a vital step. With mailing the list is the most critical element. It is the people you are going to connect with. A bad mailing list is either out of date or has recipients who are not interested in what you are offering. Either way, your message will not be delivered where it needs to go.


Bad Design

A badly designed mail piece will usually end up being recycled without being read. By bad design we don’t necessarily mean how it looks. Professional design always grabs the attention but the other part of bad design is not having the right content placed in a way that the reader will be motivated. You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. Even if a beautiful mail piece does that, poorly written or placed content will not hold that attention long enough.


Mail In A Vacuum

Even the best mail piece and concept is limited if it is mailed without any other marketing effort. There are so many ways to get your message out there. While direct mail is one of the most effective ways to communicate individually with someone, your customers are also getting their information in other ways. That might mean online, social media, traditional advertising or multiple mailings. Everyone is overwhelmed with information coming at them in all directions. Knowing that, can you expect one piece of mail, no matter how well it is targeted or how effectively it is designed, to grab and keep someone’s attention?


Not Realizing The Post Office Is Your Partner

It may be a big bureaucracy but the US Postal Service is the organization that gets mail to where it needs to go. Dealing with any bureaucracy means dealing with their rules and regulations. The more compliant you are, the more they will do what you want. Using a professional mailer means you are dealing with someone who understands the regulations – or at least knows where to go to get an answer. If the goal is to deliver the right mail piece to the right person quickly and at the the lowest possible postage rate, a good professional mail service is the link between you and the US Postal Service who makes that happen.


Is direct mail expensive? Not if it is done correctly We can help you avoid these 4 mailing mistakes, allowing you to send a well designed mail piece to the right audience as part of a complete marketing campaign at the lowest possible postage rate.

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