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November 17, 2015
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Cheap Responsive Web Design Costs Big Money

Our definition of responsive web design is different from most web designers’ definition. Where we agree that all websites should “respond” to the device viewing it (reformat the web page to the screen it is being viewed on), we also strongly feel that a website should “respond” to the viewer. In other words, it should not just engage the device, but, more importantly, the person using the device. Engaged users lead to engaged customers, donors, and more income for the website owner’s business or nonprofit organization.

What makes cheap web design? Web designers working cheaply. They fall into 3 categories:



Sorry to say it bluntly, but some training in graphic design and knowledge of HTML, CSS and other web development software does not make a good web designer. That is like being a first grader in today’s web environment. Knowledge of the web and how people engage with it is much more important.



Web designers and developers are very tempted by the low cost of using foreign developers for websites. We don’t for a couple of reasons. The first is that for the times we need a specific specialist, we feel an obligation to outsource to local talent. The other reason is that our intentions are often not understood at the level that a person raised in our US culture will understand.



There are many kids, hobbyists, smart people, and others who think they know web design. Maybe, like the incompetents, they know something, but they don’t know the web and how it can be effective as a marketing tool. Modern websites need maintenance, upgrading, protection and constant review. They need to be examined to ensure that they are fulfilling organizational goals and working for the people using the website.


Simply stated, the web is fluid. Your website is your most valuable piece of marketing and it while it needs to be able to respond to the latest phone or tablet, it also needs to respond to the latest trends of internet use and effective marketing. This is why we include several meetings to review your website as part of our managed website hosting. Along with keeping it up-to-date and secure, we keep it vital and recommend things you can do to keep your users engaged, your website relevant, and your business or organization successful.


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