Social Media Mistakes to Avoid
April 19, 2016
18 Entrepreneurs Share Great Advice From Their Fathers
June 16, 2016
Social Media Mistakes to Avoid
April 19, 2016
18 Entrepreneurs Share Great Advice From Their Fathers
June 16, 2016

Writing Effective Website Copy

When designing a website, it’s easy to focus on just the look and feel. While those aspects are important, don’t forget that the reason someone visits your site is to access its content. Twenty years ago, Bill Gates proclaimed that “content is king” – and so it has been.

A good website with properly written content can boost your search engine ranking and establish you as a credible expert in your industry. Alternatively, websites that are poorly written with a confusing layout and mismatched graphics can cause visitors to move on to your competitor.


While developing web content, it might be helpful to follow the AIDA marketing concept:

A – Attention

You need to begin by attracting the attention of your website visitor.

I – Interest

Next you want to trigger their interest in what you have to offer.

D – Desire

Once you have their interest, now it’s time to create a strong desire for your product or service.

A – Action

Finally, you need to provide the visitor with a way to act on that desire.


So let’s take a look at some ideas to guide you while putting together your web copy.


Be Concise

When someone sees one long paragraph after another, they’re much more likely to skip past it and move on. Keep your sentences short and your paragraphs even shorter.


Keep Your Site Clean and Organized

When it comes to online content, people prefer to scan rather than read. Break up your text with headers, subheaders, lists or boxes to compartmentalize your content into easily digestible chunks.


Create Compelling Headlines

Because most people just scan your site, your headlines are extremely important. Teasers are a great method to achieve interest, especially those that promise to solve a problem or provide a benefit (ie. 5 Steps To Growing Sales Automatically).


Be Clear

When someone visits your website, they should know what you are all about within seconds. Your web copy should clearly state what you’re offering and what makes you the best choice for your product or service, then lead them to the next step with some form of call to action.


Focus On The Customer

It’s easy to be passionate about your own products or services. But what potential customers really want to know is how your products or services will benefit them. And don’t just guess – use this as an opportunity to engage your customers on their needs and desires. You can reach out through social media, online polls, over the phone, or even face-to-face conversations. This feedback will help you tell website visitors how you can solve their problems, help them achieve their goals, or even make their lives better.


Be A Person

Your website shouldn’t be the online equivalent of an answering machine. People don’t want to interact with a robot at a faceless corporation. Writing in a familiar, personal voice can promote engagement with your audience. Just remember to stay focused, clear, and, most importantly, appropriate.


Keeping these suggestions in mind while developing your web content will help you write clear, engaging and persuasive copy that customers will ultimately gravitate towards. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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