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August 24, 2016
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September 9, 2016

Why Experience Matters


There is an old saying, “90% of life is just showing up”. We agree with that, but showing up with the right stuff is probably 150%. That stuff can be anything from the right equipment and materials to having the knowledge, experience and creativity to get the job done correctly in a way that brings results.

In our commodity driven world, marketing services can be purchased at the lowest price, but how much are low prices actually costing you? Poorly produced brochures or a flawed website that doesn’t index well with Google may be costing you, a lot. If your customers cannot find you or don’t understand the message you are trying to send, they move on quickly.

This little device cost about $20 to build and saved our client $100’s of dollars in photography costs.

This little device cost about $20 to build and saved our client $100’s of dollars in photography costs.

Using experienced marketers, especially ones with experience in your organization’s industry, will yield better results because their knowledge and expertise will help drive sales and conversions.

Experienced and knowledgeable marketers can also save you money. We recently took on a large product photography assignment which involved photographing a lot of small items. We built a little jig to hold these products which saved us a ton of time and produced better photographs.

Whether it is a way to save cost on print production, or how to design websites and other marketing materials to get results, we apply our collective experience into every job. That’s what we do here at Burlington Press.

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