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Avoiding Procrastination


Recently I listened to a podcast about avoiding procrastination. I could insert a joke here about not getting around to it for a while, but you’ve heard this joke a million times already. Anyway, it was mostly the typical advice you would expect, like prioritizing the important things, putting the most critical things first, etc. Amid all that was a little gem of wisdom that I never considered – visualize what it would feel like after you complete a difficult task.

It works. Recently I had to deal with a critical client issue. It was one of those things you tend to dread doing. Visualizing what it would feel like after we crafted a resolution helped make me enthusiastic about getting it done right away.

We all face uncomfortable duties that must be completed. Building up the motivation to accomplish these necessary evils can only go so far. Focusing on how you will feel by putting something in the past provides a vision of relief, and even satisfaction, from having completed a difficult task.

Positive things are usually the best motivators.

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