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August 10, 2017
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October 23, 2017

3 Signs That It’s Time For A Logo Redesign


Social media has made logo redesigns en vogue. Regardless of whether the change is seen as positive or negative, rebranding draws attention to a business because everyone is going to have an opinion. But just because you can change your logo doesn’t mean you should. Here are a few ways you can tell if your company’s logo is ready to be revamped.


Your Logo Looks Outdated

Brand heritage can be important, but styles are always changing. If your logo is more than 5 years old, you should consider updating the design. That doesn’t mean starting over from scratch, especially if you like the overall look. You could make subtle tweaks to freshen it up. The current trend is simple, clean and flat designs.


Your Logo No Longer Fits Your Company

Has your company changed direction or added new services? If so, your logo might need an overhaul to better reflect your current business. As companies grow, they often evolve beyond their original marketing concepts and require a makeover to properly convey their new brand message.


Your Logo Doesn’t Work On All Devices, Platforms or Media

From print to online, your logo has to work everywhere. This means you’ll actually need several different logo layouts and versions, including:

  • Horizontal, vertical (stacked) and squared
  • Readable on dark and light backgrounds
  • Printable in full color, Pantone (spot) color or black & white
  • Vector, hi-res and low-res formats

So, if you think about it, that could be 54 or more different logo variations (ie. Stacked-DarkBackground-Pantone-Vector, Stacked-LightBackground-Pantone-HiRes, etc.). Do you have that many, or do you just have Logo.jpg?


Are you ready for a logo redesign? We can help! We’ll sit down with you and evaluate your current marketing and branding strategies and help develop a plan that will get you noticed! Contact us to learn more. Below are some examples of our work:

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