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5 Foolproof SEO Tips Anyone Can Do

5 Foolproof SEO Tips Anyone Can Do

Getting started with your very own website? Planning a new WordPress blog and want to ensure you get the most exposure? If so, then this probably isn’t the first article you’ve read about search engine optimization (SEO) tips. Unfortunately, it can be daunting with all the strange lingo and advanced concepts that you might not understand–but don’t fret, it’s actually completely normal to be lost in the world of SEO, especially if you’ve got no prior experience.

So to help you get a better understanding of search engine optimization, and improve your website’s visibility, we’ve put together these five foolproof SEO tips that anyone can do without advanced tools and knowledge. In many ways, you can treat these recommendations as the foundational building blocks for your own SEO education.


1. Focus Your Website On A Single Topic Or Subject

Think of SEO as a way of ensuring that your content is found when people search on Google. Every time you enter a bunch of keywords, such as “dress ideas” or “facts about candy”, you’re presented with websites that are the most relevant to those keyword searches. For instance, a “dress ideas” search will often give you websites with outfit ideas, glamour tips, fashion advice and so on. This is because it’s what Google deems as relevant to your search. The way Google does this is by looking at the keywords on your website, the type of content you have, the websites you link to and so on. In short, Google will thoroughly examine your website and determine how relevant it is to the searched keywords.

With that said, if you spread your focus out too much then it will be hard for Google to make a recommendation. There are exceptions to this, but if you’re just starting out then it’s vital you focus on a single topic or subject so that it’s easier to discover your website.


2. Don’t Neglect To Create Engagement

When building your website’s visibility, it’s important that you work on engagement. When more people start to notice your content, they’ll comment on what you’ve been doing and share your content on social media.

It’s vital that you get on social media to post links to your content, respond to feedback and generally just encourage engagement so that your name, brand or website are spread across the internet.


3. Write Original Content For Your Website

Good SEO relies on producing excellent content for your website. If you’re found to be copying other people’s content or plagiarizing, then Google may just blacklist your website so that you can’t be found. Google’s mission is to index all of the internet’s informative websites that regularly pump out excellent content. If you’re constantly producing fantastic content that is both original, interesting and has many links, then Google will boost your website ranking and you’ll appear higher in search engines.

To improve your content, try to find interesting angles that other people haven’t covered and ensure that your content is checked thoroughly for grammar and spelling. For large content pieces, try to break up big paragraphs with images to make it much easier to read. With better content comes more credibility and people will start to share your website and posts on other parts of the web, helping your discoverability.


4. Be Consistent With Your Content

Another important point is to work on producing consistent content. This means creating content on a regular basis and updating your website, but also maintaining a consistent level of quality. This will ensure that your visitors will keep coming back and also gradually improves the trust that people have in your brand.

With more trust comes more opportunities to grow your visibility on the internet. More people will link to your content, you’ll start to engage more visitors and it will greatly improve your search rankings.


5. Don’t Shy Away From Learning Keywords

Keywords might seem technical, but they’re a vital component in understanding how to utilize effective SEO. The concept is simple; use keyword tools such as Google Trends to help you find out what people are searching and write about those topics to improve your SEO. If your subject is interior design and the top query that people search is “interior design trends 2019”, then writing about the latest interior design trends will yield better results than other topics.

A crucial aspect of effective SEO is understanding how keywords work. Even a rudimentary understanding can take you far in the world of SEO, so try not to shy away from learning how keywords work and don’t be afraid of trying out some free keyword tools.

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