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4 Essentials To Increasing Facebook Engagement

No matter what type of business you are running, it is important to see a steady increase in your Facebook engagement. Not only is this reassuring for you as a business owner, but it is also a good indicator that your company is reaching the right people in your area. Local businesses will want to connect with a target audience in that area. Similarly, if you are selling a very niche item, you will want to reach people who have an interest or need for your product or service. If you have been struggling to boost your Facebook engagement, there are a few methods you can adopt. By incorporating these into your everyday Facebook marketing strategies you will soon notice an increase in the number of interactions, views and page visits over time.


1. Be Personable

Facebook users don’t like to feel like they are interacting with a robot online, so why not boost your business personality? Social media is intended to be incredibly social, so you need to show this in your Facebook posts. If you have yet to establish a personality for your business, now is the ideal time to start. Whether you are trying to portray a funny and quirky persona, or a serious, business-like attitude, there are many ways to convey this to your audience. Think about the language you use and the tone of voice your business is creating. This will give your target demographic something unique to relate to.

Make sure you include questions within all of your Facebook posts too. No matter what personality you have, you want to provoke some sort of response from Facebook users. By asking questions or using fill in the blank posts, you are inviting people to engage with your Facebook page. The only way to get a community active is to keep asking questions and talking directly to them.


2. Include More Images

We all know that Facebook is not just about clever and inviting language; it is about the visual images you share too. Including more dynamic images in your Facebook posts will catch your target’s eye and invite them to engage with your business. Images are an amazing tool to tell stories and persuade people to buy your product. It is also a well known fact that Facebook posts containing images get more exposure in a news feed because they are richer in content. Spend some time branding your images with your company logo, so your business is instantly recognizable.


3. Give Behind the Scenes Insights

Facebook users love to think they are getting an exclusive insight into a business, so don’t be afraid to open up a little more. Show them where their product is made or create a special introductory message to some of your hard working employees. The more relatable your Facebook posts are, the more likely people are to engage with them. If your business is based in a specific town, then people would love to see pictures of where the office is based; people from the local area will relate to the business straight away and engage with your Facebook posts.


4. Don’t Take Facebook Too Seriously

Of course you want to make a huge impact on your target audience, but people go on Facebook to relax and unwind. Make sure you keep this in mind so you don’t go overboard with the seriousness of your posts. Posting relevant content that drives traffic to your page and website is key, but you also need to take into account the world around you. If there is a special holiday occurring or an international day related to your business, make sure you post about it! These are the posts that are likely to get the best response, because they are relevant and appealing to your target demographic. If your Facebook posts only talk about your business, people are going to lose interest quickly. If you are able to engage them and make something personal to them, you are much more likely to see a boost in engagement. You want to spark discussions and get people talking about hot topics, so incorporate this into your Facebook marketing strategy.


So utilize all of these ideas to your advantage and your Facebook engagement will improve as time goes by. You can’t expect to see a dramatic difference overnight, but you will start to notice significant improvements if you are consistent with these methods. Even if your business isn’t appealing to a mass market, there will be a niche group out there who are ready to engage with your Facebook posts and boost your business sales.

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