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September 27, 2019
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October 24, 2019

Nonprofit Marketing Strategies That Really Work

Do you run a nonprofit organization? Do you find raising awareness tricky because of your limited budget? Trying to maintain and extend your market share isn’t straightforward when you have to compete against companies and organizations with access to considerable resources. Typically, they out-maneuver you by spending more money across the board.

The great news is that effective and inexpensive nonprofit marketing strategies exist, and can help level the playing field. To find out more about which ones to implement into your nonprofit’s business plan, continue reading.


Utilize Social Media

With billions of daily and monthly users, social media platforms are now the most powerful advertising platform in the world. So, nonprofit organizations need to get in on the action by creating accounts across various mediums. Twitter and Instagram are taking over as the market leader, but Facebook is the king of nonprofit marketing where you are concerned. Why? It’s because FB allows nonprofit entities to create pages that include donation and fundraising buttons.

With Facebook, you not only have access to a powerful advertising program that’s free, but you also get the opportunity to raise capital. Considering there are more than one billion people who use Facebook daily, your nonprofit only needs a small percentage. Thankfully, 84% of users show their support by sharing pages and information with their friends.


Don’t Assume Google Charges

Nonprofit bosses and managers see a term such as ‘pay-per-click’ and instantly think it’s going to cost money. While the name is confusing in some regards, the pertinent thing to remember is that you can use PPC marketing without spending a penny. At the very least, it’s easy to supplement the costs. The reason is simple: the Google Ad Grants program.

If your nonprofit qualifies, you will have as much as $10,000 to spend each month. And, the finance doesn’t go to waste as it doesn’t accrue. As a result, the $2,000 you get per keyword, or the $329 daily budget, means you must make every dollar count. Nonprofit managers can use the funding to create awareness, recruit human resources, and raise donations. Follow the link to find out more about the terms of eligibility.


Harness The Power Of Video

Video is now the king of content, so you should take advantage of the medium wherever possible. For nonprofit entities, it’s an incredibly useful tool as it details the plight of the people or groups you’re trying to help. Sometimes, words aren’t emotive enough because they don’t tug at a person’s heartstrings. Video, on the other hand, shows how pledges will aid the cause by making the problem real.

It’s straightforward to shoot high-quality videos on your smartphone, so there’s no excuse to avoid using videos to grab people’s attention. If you like to use images, be sure to pair them with text as almost two-thirds of audiences retain information via this method.


Offset Social Media And Video With Public Speaking

For some, the idea of speaking publicly sends shivers down their spine. Do you fall into this category? If you do, you should try and confront your fears for the sake of your nonprofit’s marketing strategy. Firstly, speaking publicly supplements the power of video through your passion and dedication to the project. Both are concrete and encourage audience members to act. Secondly, the art of public speaking is interlinked with social media and an online presence. When you speak, people tweet and use hashtags, shoot a video for Periscope, or copy your notes and upload them to SlideShare.

All of these are excellent ways to get the message into the public sphere in person and online.


Maintain Your Existing Connections

Organizations, nonprofits included, are obsessed with sourcing new customers. The logic is that you need to recruit to keep donations high and raise capital. However, marketing to new audiences is challenging and often fails. That’s not to say you shouldn’t do it, but you must remember the people who helped in the beginning.

Reaching out to them will strengthen the connection and reinforce the relationship which caught their attention in the first place. This should negate the need to stretch your already limited resources as there’s no reason to assign staff to chase leads. The key is to streamline donor relations to make it simpler to form strong bonds.


Gauge Your Contacts

The world we live in today means that more people make decisions based on influencers. The ‘Fyre Festival’ debacle is a prime example. But, it doesn’t have to impact your nonprofit organization negatively. Using brand ambassadors to spread the word about your nonprofit is a fantastic way to improve conversions. All it takes is a blog or social media post by one influential person, and their call-to-action could boost donations significantly.

Your job is to reach out to brand influencers, and you can do this by following them on social media and influencing them with your cause.


Collect Donor Data

The majority of nonprofit marketing opportunities center on reaching out for help. As a result, donor information is essential to connect on social media, by email, or face-to-face at a public event. If people don’t know about the brand or a meeting, they won’t engage. The good news is that online forms can directly capture the data you need to advertise to your base. You can include them on your website with the use of widgets and landing pages, or as a means to register to a newsletter or your cause.

Online forms are tricky as it’s easy to frustrate supporters to the point they bounce and don’t complete the form. With this in mind, the best practices include shortening required boxes and using autofill software to prevent time-wasting.


How Burlington Press Can Help

For nonprofit marketing strategies to work, you need to develop a plan and engage with your audience to please new and existing supporters. Burlington Press does this by becoming your marketing partner, offering graphic and web design, printing, direct mail, promotional products and more. With us by your side, your nonprofit organization will be able to collect and interact with donors and develop an excellent presence, both online and offline.

Contact us now to level the playing field and fight the good fight.

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