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5 Essential Tips to Create a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

On average, 42% of direct mail recipients scan or read the materials they receive. If you make the right moves, your direct mail campaign will be a massive win for your business.

Around 54% of consumers claim they want to receive mail from brands they like. Clearly, many people out there are open to receiving direct mail!

However, direct mail won’t do you any good if it isn’t high quality. Low-quality direct mail is not only spammy but off-putting to consumers.

Do your brand a favor by getting these 5 crucial direct mail marketing tips down pat:


1. Decide On a Budget

Yes, direct mail has more upfront costs than email marketing. However, direct mail also has a higher response rate than email marketing does. Plus, you’ll also maximize your marketing budget by choosing direct mail.

Your cost depends on how elaborate your mail pieces are. Direct mail can cost anywhere between 30 cents per person to over $10 per recipient. Fortunately, it’s perfectly possible to strike a balance between aesthetic appeal and affordability with a good design and format.


2. Know Your Audience

Identify the exact audience you’re targeting with direct mail. Always research your target audience thoroughly before investing in any marketing campaign.

One of the greatest direct mail tips out there is to divide your larger audience into smaller, more targeted segments. That way, you’ll be able to come up with different direct mail campaign ideas to satisfy each demographic.

Personalized letters increase brand recognition in the long-run.


3. Write High-Quality Copy

Your copy can make or break your mailing campaign. Copy should be concise and have a clear marketing message. After all, most consumers won’t bother with reading a wall of text.

Use a grammar app like Grammarly to spot spelling and grammatical mistakes. If you’re lacking confidence in your writing ability, hire a copywriter or another professional to do the job for you. You deserve the break.

The best copy includes having a strong CTA (call to action) for readers to act upon.


4. Add Value To Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail without value is just spam. That’s why successful entrepreneurs learn how to adapt by including something of value with their direct mail.

Include a coupon, bonus, rebate, sample, or something else of value with your letters. Then people will be inclined to use these offers, thereby increasing your sales. Brainstorm various direct mail marketing ideas to see what kind of value you can bring to recipients.


5. Track Your Results

Measure your response rate by tracking how many emails, calls, and overall responses you get. Use Google Analytics to track if your business’s website receives more traffic as a result of the campaign.

Here’s one of the most effective direct mail campaign ideas there are: Include a unique coupon code with your mail. Then use that code to track how many people used it.


Let Direct Mail Be Your Business’s BFF

Direct mail usually offers a 29% ROI (return on investment). A successful direct mail campaign is much more beneficial than many people realize.

People who receive direct mail spend 28% more on products. They also spend 28% more money on average. Overall, direct mail is worth any money and effort you invest into it.

Get the marketing results of your dreams—learn more about our direct mail services or contact us to schedule a meeting. Your business will thank you for it.

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