Don’t Market Less, Market Smarter
March 14, 2020
The 5 Rights of Marketing
April 1, 2020
Don’t Market Less, Market Smarter
March 14, 2020
The 5 Rights of Marketing
April 1, 2020

How to Compose an Email Your Recipients Will Actually Read

Although email has been around since the 1970s, today targeted email marketing is a powerful tool for any business.

For small businesses, your reach and budget aren’t as vast as fortune 500 companies, so optimizing every source of your digital marketing arsenal is crucial. Building a healthy relationship with your email list is one of the most effective ways to boost engagement and develop long term relevance with consumers at no cost.

Want to boost engagement in your email campaigns? Discover the key to composing compelling messages your email recipients will actually want to read here.


Why Email?

For any company, effectively engaging and influencing your customers is hard and doing it through emails seems to be more difficult with every passing year. Your email open rate is important. Email open rate refers to the number of email recipients who open an email from your small business.

A 2017 survey done by Fluent found that almost 70% of millennials admitted that promotional emails have impacted their purchasing decisions. So making your email pop out is an excellent way to increase your open rates which can lead to more business.

Now that you understand why email marketing is still crucial to your business in 2020, you can learn how a healthy email open rate is more engaging to the subscriber and profitable to your business.


Creating a Killer Subject Line

By creating interesting content from the beginning, you can increase the rate of subscribers opening your emails. Your email open rates indicate how well your campaign is doing from the moment your email hits their inbox, however, without a powerful subject line that engages people, your email marketing efforts are dead in the water.

Its a lot of pressure to put on a single subject line, but mastering your subject lines is the first and most important step to composing compelling emails your email recipients will actually want to read.

Adopt an engagement first strategy. Recipients will be turned off by huge email blasts. Creating a more relevant, personal, and valuable subject line is the key to increasing your email open rates.


A Body That Compels

Creating content that garners an above-average email click-through rate is possible once you can meet your reader’s needs. Your email body must provide relevant beneficial content. The best way to provide can’t miss content for your recipients is to know who is sitting on the other side of that email.

Because subscribers value quality over quantity in their inbox, one well-designed weekly email will trump your daily general email blast. According to Campaign Monitor, a healthy click-through rate is around 15%. So keeping the body of your email relevant to the reader is an important factor in increasing your click-through rates.


Calls to Action That Converts

You want relatable copy that not only compels but converts. The body of your email should always be followed by an intriguing call to action or CTA. After your subject line, the call to action is the second most important part of your email. Your CTA is where you motivate your email recipients to take action.

Depending on what the focus of your email is you will want to be selective in choosing what words to use in your CTA. When writing your CTA you want to:

  • Use bold action words
  • Invite readers to exclusive experiences
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Build more curiosity
  • Double down on important industry insight

If your email recipient has read your email to the bottom, statistically they are more likely to be interested in similar content that you provide.


Every business has it’s own style. If your small business wants to provide helpful interesting content that people will read, then use this guideline to create effective email campaigns that recipients will actually read. Why not contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your digital marketing goals?


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