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April 27, 2020
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The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses
April 27, 2020
Why The Digital Generation Loves Mail
May 19, 2020

5 Branding Questions to Ask to Define Your Brand Identity

A brand is a perception your consumer has of your business. It’s the story your business tells. It’s the story your customers feel when they make a purchase.

If you have a business, you might not know what your brand is. A brand is more than just a product. It’s the magical feeling and story you give your customers when they make a purchase.

It’s the same reason Coca-Cola is so successful. Their brand is about being happy. If you drink Coca-Cola, you should feel happy.

Customers feel transformed because of that product. There are specific branding questions you have to ask about your business.

Here are 5 questions you should ask to help identify your brand.


1. What Are Your Values?

Your values are your principles. They are what your business believes in.

Every business should have values that embody how they work with customers. Values should be transparent, adaptable, accountable, focused, and integrable.

Values should define someone’s business and what they aim to represent.


2. What’s Your Mission?

A mission statement is your company’s goals. It’s what you strive to be.

If a customer were to read it, what would they take away from a mission statement? It should be a clear statement of what your business aims to be for the customer.


3. Who’s Your Target Customer?

Your target customer defines your brand. They are the reason behind your brand.

Your product exists only because that customer exists. You have to be able to identify your target customer in order for your brand to succeed.

You need to figure out who your brand is for and why it’s for a specific customer. You need to figure out how your product is helping the customer. It will help you establish your brand.

You can find more information on identifying your target audience in this blog post.


4. What Makes Your Business Different?

Your brand should be different than your competitors. You are trying to separate yourself from the competition by telling your ideal customers how your business is different.

You could have a different set of values, a different customer base, or a slightly different product.

Your business should be different because you are telling your customers your unique story.


5. What’s Your Story?

Ultimately, your brand is defined by the story you are conveying to your customers.

Your product is giving your customers perception about your business. It tells them how they will feel or how their life will be easier.


Why Branding Questions Are So Important

Branding questions are incredibly insightful in developing a story around your brand. It’s part of figuring out what your product does for people and why people come back to your business.

Every business needs a brand. Without it, they risk selling to everyone. They risk not having a story and not catering to a specific audience.


For more information on brands, you can see our blog post on how brands influence customers.


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