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August 10, 2020
8 Reasons Why Small Business Blogs Are Necessary In 2020
8 Reasons Why Small Business Blogs Are Necessary In 2020
August 17, 2020

5 Signs You Need a Content Writer

Your small business blog must compete for attention against over 500 million others. That’s a daunting task for anyone who isn’t a professional writer.

Take a step back and look at the big picture. You want your business information to reach as many people as possible, right? How can you reach all those people and still provide quality customer service?

The short answer is, you can’t do it all on your own. The proof is in the low traffic numbers for your website’s blog.

Need a little more proof before you admit you need a content writer? Here are 5 warning signs that say your blog isn’t reaching its full potential.


1. You’re Too Busy to Think up New Ideas

Blogs are an excellent way to draw search engine traffic to your website. Each new blog topic is a chance for your blog to reach someone. That someone will go on to use your business as a voice of authority on the topic.

But if your blog only covers one or two topics, it won’t draw in potential customers.

Hiring a freelance content writer takes that pressure off your shoulders. They’re trained to find new, exciting ways to promote your business.


2. No Time for Writing During the Busy Season

Every business has a busy season. Retailers are up to their eyeballs in orders from November until February. HVAC repairmen spend their summers answering emergency calls.

If everyone is busy keeping customers happy, no one has time for the blog. Your social media presence will likewise suffer.

A web content writer works outside of your office. Even if you are busy, they have plenty of time to update your web presence.


3. Research for Interesting Topics Distracts You From Other Work

For blog posts to build trust with potential customers, they must contain facts. Finding a knowledgeable source to link back to can take hours.

A website content writer knows the best ways to find trustworthy information. The time they save you means you can make a dozen customers happy.


4. Trouble Reaching the Right Markets

Professional content writers constantly research new ways to market your business. They are experts in manipulating keywords to draw in new readers.

Tricks and information you might not know:

  • Keywords over 3 words get over 10,000 searches a month
  • Half of all searches contain 4 words
  • Using keywords too often doesn’t draw readers

Could you learn all the important SEO tricks yourself? Sure you could. But then you’re back to struggling to balance writing blogs and serving your customers.


5. The Blog Quality Suffers

Writing quality always suffers when you rush it. To create a coherent, well-received blog post, it takes at least 6 hours.

That time includes:

  • Detailed research on the topic
  • Taking notes
  • Finding trustworthy sources to cite
  • Creating an outline for the post
  • Writing using the established tone for the business
  • Editing the post
  • Finding appropriate images
  • Creating alt text for the images

The content writer’s salary covers more than just writing. It pays for years of experience.


Ready to Admit You Need a Content Writer?

Knowing when to delegate work is a strong trait in a businessperson. Don’t be afraid to admit that you can’t keep up with the company’s blog.

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