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Reaching Out to Podcasters as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Podcast Marketing

Around 144 million Americans listen to podcasts. Learning how to approach podcasters will significantly improve your marketing strategy.

In 2019 alone, there were 750,000 podcasts on the internet. That number continues to grow as more people and brands create podcasts about their interests.

Variety is the spice of life. Your content marketing strategy will be more diverse and well-integrated with podcasts in the mix.

Here are some tips on how to contact podcasters to promote your business.


Know Your Audience

How do podcasts work? They target a specific audience with a topic. That topic could be general or niche, which affects audience size, but even a niche podcasts deliver massive podcast benefits.

Know your audience and let podcasters know that with facts and figures. For example, if your brand targets women between the ages of 20 and 35, then make a list of podcasts that also target that demographic. In your pitch, mention how your product/service and the podcast target a similar audience.

Much like with small business blogs, targeting an exact audience increases the effectiveness of podcast marketing. Research your audience thoroughly and talk about the highlights of your research in the pitch.

Always include visual content and a link to your website with your pitch. That way, podcasters will be able to research your company quickly.


Humanize Your Brand

One of the best podcast tips is to talk about your product/service as though it were human. This tip applies to both pitching and recording podcasts.

Talk about your product’s special features and give a behind-the-scenes look at how your brand brings it to life. For instance, feel free to talk about how its made, the process of using it, and how it benefits customers.

Podcasts allow you to delve deeper into a topic, making listeners feel like they’re getting an inside scoop they can’t find elsewhere. This humanizes your brand in consumers’ eyes, which increases brand awareness, brand recall, and brand loyalty.


Use Social Media

The benefits of podcasts extend to social media. Social media is a valuable tool for researching and reaching out to podcasters.

Any time a branded account likes, shares, or comments on a podcast’s social media profile, it increases brand awareness amongst their followers. Your target audience will then see your branded account’s interaction and decide to check out more of your social media content.

You could also reach podcasters via private messages or DMs. A smaller podcaster might see your message quicker than they would via email that way.

With bigger podcasters, you’re better off saving your official approach for email. Interacting with them in the meantime will make your brand stand out more.


Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy With Podcasts

There are over 54 million podcast episodes available worldwide. As podcasts increase in popularity, brands will find more opportunities to market themselves.

Always be polite, professional, and concise when approaching podcasters. Think of it as making a strong first impression.

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