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Why Direct Mail Is Essential for Nonprofit Marketing

Direct Mail Is Essential for Nonprofit Organizations

Statistics show that 175 million people donated to charities last year.

The big question that every nonprofit has to answer is figuring out how they can get people to donate for their cause, mission, service, etc.

What approach has been most successful for you? Do you currently run direct mail marketing? How are you continuing to reinvent your strategy?


Compliment Your Digital Strategy

Direct mail marketing and digital marketing are often compared against each other as if a business has to choose between the two approaches. A benefit of direct mail is that it can be used to motivate potential donors to engage with your digital pieces.

Direct mail can be a first step in getting the person to learn more about your nonprofit and give them a reason to donate. When digital and direct mail work together to stand out, the potential donor is being targeted from multiple channels with the same goal in mind.

We work with your organization to form an effective mailing strategy that won’t add cost without producing results.


Use Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy to Keep Them Informed

The needs of nonprofit businesses are always changing. Some areas require more attention and funding than others.

Keeping your current donors educated on what the needs are right now will help keep your nonprofit on their minds. They could share this with friends, coworkers, and family, who could then become potential donors.

Being transparent about your needs and what you are asking can be communicated in a short and direct manner through direct mail pieces. A simple postcard type of concept with what you need and how they can help will be a low-cost option with a potentially high return.


Narrow Your Focus

While direct mail has the potential to cost more than a digital piece, there are important benefits to it.

Like any venture that costs your business money, you want to be intentional with how you are spending it. Using direct mail allows you to target by location and only reach out to potential donors in the area that you want to focus on.

Using this approach will prevent you from spending money on areas that are unlikely to donate for certain reasons or have no connection to the community or cause that you represent. This is also a more personalized approach because it is specific to one group of people that live in a certain location and is not the same message that someone in a different area may receive.


We would love to speak with you regarding your nonprofit marketing strategy for your business. Our business offers a variety of services designed to fit the needs of your business. Reach out today for more information on how we can help you.


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