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5 Methods to Improve Your Digital Content Marketing Strategy

Improve Digital Content Marketing

Content marketing is an incredibly useful tool to grow your business. In the age of social media, digital content is shared and consumed like never before, presenting both large and small businesses alike with the ability to access millions of potential buyers that they may not have been able to reach before.

There are many methods of producing content for marketing. If you want to focus on strengthening your digital content strategy but aren’t sure where to start, here are some routes to consider.


1. Podcasts

Creating a podcast puts you in the orbit of a customer base that you may not come in to contact with otherwise. When people stumble across your podcast on iTunes, you have an immediate potential customer listening to you promote what your business is all about. If you are providing quality content, a listener will return to your podcast, again and again, increasing your customer base and ultimately your sales.


2. Videos

Digital content is becoming more and more visually focused, making video production essential to your content marketing strategy. Creating videos is a relatively low-cost way to bring attention to your product or service. A relatable, easy-to-view video can do wonders for your engagement. Additionally, videos are very shareable, making them optimal to post on your social networks. Though it is often thought to be expensive to produce videos, the advances made in technology in the past decade have made professional, high-quality video and audio recording available at a very affordable price. Don’t let fear of breaking the budget keep you from reaping the benefits of exploring video as a part of your content marketing strategy.


3. Infographics

Also very visual, the infographic is a great way to consolidate information for your consumer base. Infographics usually include graphs, stats, charts, and other means of statistical analysis. Traditionally long and vertical in design, they break down complex statistics into easily viewable and understandable bites. Infographics are also great shareable social media content, particularly popular on Pinterest.


4. E-Books

E-books are an excellent addition to any content marketing strategy. They add to your credibility as an expert in your field, boost your promotion, and set you apart from your competition. If you have already been creating digital content in the form of infographics or long form social media posts, you already have a good deal of material to turn in to your book. Additionally, an e-book can be used to build your mailing list by offering it as a giveaway in exchange for an email address.


5. Blogs

Blogs are perhaps the easiest way to participate in content marketing actively. Adding a blog to your website boosts your SEO, increases your engagement, and offers consistent information on your business and your product. As a bonus, regular blogging builds a community around your product that helps propel your business growth forward as your customer base returns to your site again and again and spreads the word about your products and services.


All five of these elements offer tremendous potential for your content marketing strategy. Start experimenting with producing content in one or more of these areas and find what works the best for your company and your consumers. And, if you need help, just contact us!

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