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8 Tips for Using Social Media Effectively

8 Tips for Using Social Media Effectively

Social media should be an integral component of your online marketing strategy. Not only is it an effective way to promote newly created content and to increase your brand exposure, it’s a fantastic way to engage with your target audience, which allows you to build brand trust and loyalty, while also developing your brand personality. Not to mention that social media is an effective PR tool when it comes to handling customer complaints or concerns. Keeping all of this in mind, here are eight tips on how to use social media effectively:


1. Know Who Your Audience Is

You’re going to have a tough time connecting with followers if you don’t have a good understanding of who your audience is. Otherwise, they may not care about the content you’re posting and they may not connect with the voice you’re using. Figure out who your audience is by developing your buyer personas and this will help you to more effectively build relationships on social media.


2. Know Which Social Media Platforms to Use

Different people use different social media platforms. For example, if you’re trying to reach seniors over the age of 60, then Snapchat is probably not your best bet. Figure out what social channels your audience is using so that you don’t end up wasting your resources on the wrong platform.


3. Have a Personality

Don’t be afraid to have a personality when you post. Some of the businesses that are the most successful on social media are known for their sense of humor and their willingness to take risks (where appropriate, of course). The more of a personality you have, the more willing your followers will be to engage with you.


4. Maintain a Singular Voice

Although you should have a personality when you post to social media, make sure your voice is the same across all platforms. Consumers will be confused if you have a somber, distant tone on your website but a goofy, informal tone on social media.


5. Be Active

You should try to post on a daily basis, whether it’s posting links to new content, posting questions to your followers or simply responding to comments. The more active you are, the more engaged your audience will be with your brand. If you’re not active, then people will eventually just forget about you.


6. Know When to Post

Use analytics to figure out when your target audience is most active on social media in order to reach them. Posting at a time when nobody is logged into their social profile means that whatever you posted will go unnoticed.


7. Don’t Just Share Your Content

While you should use your social channels to share new content when you’ve published it, be sure to share other things as well. For example, share content from other sites that you think your followers will like or find helpful. Share posts from your followers that you like. This shows your followers that you’re not just using social media as a promotional tool.


8. Always Respond

Because social media is very public, always respond to questions or concerns posted by your followers. You should especially address negative comments (as long as they aren’t purposefully inflammatory). Remember, social media is a PR tool as well, which means everyone is watching how you handle irate or unhappy customers.


Social media can be a very effective tool for building relationships with your audience as long as you know how to use it properly. These tips will help you leverage your social media presence more successfully.

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