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5 Essentials of an Effective Marketing Brochure

Effective Marketing Brochure

Marketing brochures have long been part of many a business’ marketing methods. Even in the modern, digital world, many customers like having something physical that they can take away from a meeting or visit — and they’re proven to be good ways of winning new business.

If you’ve begun designing a new marketing brochure, or you’re looking to re-vamp an old one to make it more effective, this article will be of great help to you. Read on for five essentials when it comes to putting together an effective marketing brochure.


Know the Proper Place

From the industry you operate in to your target market, the product you sell to the current climate of your country’s economic situation, many different things affect how to position your marketing brochure.

Make sure you’ve thought about the voice that would be a natural fit for your target customers. Be responsive to the economic climate and make sure your target market’s preferences have been fed into everything from the chosen font to the colors. If you really understand your target market in depth, being able to pitch a marketing brochure in the right position will be easy.


Grab Attention

“Lose ten pounds in five weeks!” is much more attention grabbing than “I can help you lose weight” as a title for a personal trainer’s marketing brochure. You need to understand that the modern world is full of distractions, and tests have shown that attention spans are shortening. You should combat that by getting straight to the point, fast, before a ringing phone distracts attention.


Be Different

99.9% of marketing brochures look, feel and are shaped in exactly the same way as each other. If you really want to stand out, then you’re going to need to think about how you can catch someone’s attention through a different look and shape. If you’re looking to impress upon a customer the quality of your product or service, you might want to invest in higher quality papers or non-standard sizes. Subtle changes can leave a lasting impression.


Offer Value

Even before a customer has parted with a single penny, you want to make sure you’re offering them real value. They’ve spent time going through your marketing brochure, so what do they get in return? Have you been able to educate them as well as sell to them? If so, you’ve given them enough value to possibly hook them into working with you.


Offer Evidence

There are countless examples of marketing brochures floating around that focus on sell, sell, sell without remembering that the modern customer is inherently skeptical. It has been proven that customers respond to testimonials in a positive way as long as they look and sound genuine – people see right through praise given in marketing by a ‘real customer’ known as ‘Mrs. Smith’. Get and use genuine reviews and get permission to use full names of your customers. You can even highlight a specific project or customer as a case study.


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