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November 30, 2021
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January 5, 2022

Using Fascination To Improve Your Marketing

Are you captivating your audience with your marketing?

The art of fascination will draw in your prospects and customers and get them intensely focused on you. But how do you fascinate your audience? You use one of these seven languages of fascination.


1. Innovation

Innovation is the language of creativity.

When you create something new, you are challenging assumptions and helping people to think in new ways. Think outside the box and be bold!


2. Relationship

Relationship marketing draws us in, helping us to become emotionally connected to the brand and connecting us to something bigger than ourselves. Think “expressive, optimistic, sensory, warm and social” in your marketing.


3. Power

Market with authority and confidence.

When your brand uses the Power language, it is “assertive, goal-oriented, decisive, purposeful and opinionated.” Think competitive and strong beliefs that tote your product above the others.


4. Prestige

Prestige is the language of excellence, exclusivity, achievement, and value.

Prestige is when your brand communicates being “better” rather than just good. People want to wear your logo on their shirts or purse. People want others to see their car, shirt, device, etc. and think higher of them because of it.


5. Trust

Trust touts stability and is all about building a strong business name that everyone recognizes.

Trust is the store that you know you can trust to match prices or let you return something without a headache. Think “stable, dependable, familiar, comforting, and predictable.”


6. Mystique

Mystique is the language of listening.

This brand knows “when to talk, and when to be quiet.” It provokes questions to be asked, and it’s somewhat mysterious. Companies reveal information a little at a time rather than all at once.

Mystique brands are “observant, calculated, private, curiosity provoking, and substantive.” You only hear from these brands in a calculated way to spark interest.


7. Alert

Alert is the language of details.

These brands create a sense of urgency, forcing consumers to act. If you use the Alert language, you don’t just use details, “you revel in them.” Typically, this type of advertising uses the “unless you act now…” method, you will lose your opportunity to buy this. It prompts action because people are afraid to wait.


No matter what language your company uses, these different languages of fascination will help your company expand how you reach your customers. How do you want to be perceived? Once you know that, you can choose which language style to use. Maybe this is the fresh start you’ve been looking for.



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