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December 15, 2021
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What to Consider When Looking for a Print Partner

What to Consider When Looking for a Print Partner

When you need print products (such as brochures, letterhead, and large-format marketing) to build and strengthen your brand, you need a print provider.

Between graphic design, production presets, and regular re-orders, keeping things organized can be a challenge. Make it easy on yourself by consistently partnering with a print provider.

How do you find the right printer? Here are six factors to consider:


6 Factors to Help You Find the Right Print Provider


1. Competence and Quality

Competence and quality are often the most critical factors in weighing commercial print options.

Although it can be challenging to evaluate skill levels before you’ve worked with someone, there are several indicators to look for. Request to see samples of jobs done for other customers. Inquire about areas of specialization and if bundled pricing or services are included. Also, ask your printer what work steps they see as critical for obtaining good results. If you know in advance how they prefer to manage projects, it helps ensure good workflow and communication along the way.


2. Production Capacity

If you need substantial output in a short time, does the printer have the equipment or workforce to handle this?


3. Organization and Working Together

Is there a key contact person you will always correspond with? What is the preferred method of communication?


4. Delivery times or Guarantees

How dependable is the printer, and how quickly can projects be delivered? Is there a time frame guarantee?


5. Environmental Consciousness

Is your printer committed to eco-friendly standards or procedures? Some companies may have special requirements regarding environmental impact issues, and this may influence the printing practices they can approve.


6. Proximity and Availability

How geographically close do you want your printer to be? If high-quality service and fast delivery times are important, proximity may be more of an issue, although most printers offer online ordering and shipping from across the country.


A Wise, Long-Term Investment

Your time is valuable, so making informed decisions is of utmost importance.

Taking time to enter a print partnership that maximizes your investment is well worth your consideration. Often, choosing the right printer means you are beginning a relationship that will last for years.


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