Our Story

A New Jersey Marketing Powerhouse!

At Burlington Press, our job is to make your job easier. We don’t just provide quality effective printing, graphic design, websites, direct mail and marketing services, you can also depend on us to be professional, friendly and helpful. Being skilled at marketing isn’t enough. You need someone who takes your deadlines as seriously as you do. Someone you can depend on to provide a lot of value. This is what Burlington Press is all about. It’s why we wake up in the morning and come to work. We want you to value what we can do, as much as we will value your business.

Our professionals can offer creative solutions to your marketing needs. Plus, we don’t talk techno speak. Okay we do to each other, but you can count on us to relay information to you in terms anyone can understand. If you don’t understand what we are doing, we cannot help you succeed.

Guiding Principles

Our Mission and Promise to You

Burlington Press will be an asset to our customers by providing fast, professional and friendly service. We strive to make long lasting relationships with our customers based on honesty and trust.

Burlington Press will be an asset to our employees by providing a safe, healthy and happy place to work.

Burlington Press will be an asset to the community by sharing our success with those who work to improve the lives of others. We also encourage our employees to volunteer their time to organizations of their choice that need help.


My wife Vivian and I started this company in 1993 as a printing and direct mail company and really had no idea what we were getting into. We did know that in order to do anything, we needed to provide an extremely high level of service.

Early on we figured out that all you need to do to be successful in business is to give our customers what they want when they need it. That is not always easy and you don’t want to know the kind of technological hoops we have jumped through to make this happen over the years.

As print started to decline in the early 2000’s, we realized that we are actually not a printing company, we are a communications company and we needed to become experts in the new ways that companies and organizations are communicating their message, so that is what we did. Now we offer a complete line of marketing communications. While we still have a strong printing business, we also support our print customers with effective websites, online marketing, SEO, photographic services and more.

No matter what we evolve into or what kind of services we offer our clients, our guiding principles will always apply.

Richard Lewis
President and CEO