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Companies want to maintain some control over their websites, yet often struggle to do so. They don’t understand the technical aspects. For this reason, and many more, we use WordPress to create sites for customers, as this ensures the client can maintain and update the site with ease. In order to be effective, however, a website must possess certain other elements, and we ensure each one we set up does exactly this.

Professional design is essential in a website, as this helps to ensure the customer remains on the site once they arrive. It has to go further than this and provide an outstanding user experience and more. We make certain our sites meet these objectives each and every time. We also help with content management, as this is one area many clients feel they are lacking. Because search engines emphasize quality content, we make it simple for clients to add new content regularly. Doing so helps to ensure they attract the attention of the search engines as a result. These are only two of many ways we work with clients to enhance their sites and boost their search engine rankings.

A process has been put into place to make certain no step is overlooked during the design process. It begins with lots of questions, as this provides us with more information about the client and his or her objectives, along with many other things. Next, the actual design process begins, and this is where the fun lies. Only when we and the client are completely satisfied with the design will content be added.

The process continues with testing, both on the part of the client and on our end. At this stage, we wish to ensure the client is completely satisfied and the design works as intended. Then, and only then, will the site be launched. Finally, we train clients to maintain the site to the degree they wish to, taking on those tasks they prefer to leave to us. As this differs by the client, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Clients need to remember that the website is only one part of their marketing plan, and we can help with others as well.

All of our websites include:

Professional Design

An effective website needs to look good while communicating the organization’s message and providing the best possible user experience. This is how we design websites.


Content Management System

We put you in control of your website. Every website our company develops comes with a CMS (Content Management System) that’s easy for non-technical people to use to update their website. It has extensive editing capabilities like the ability to add and edit pages, upload pictures and documents, embed video, and more.



Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Layout

All or our websites will respond and reformat themselves automatically to the device they are being viewed on. With more than half of all web searches being done on a smart phone or tablet, it is important that your website looks good on a mobile phone, or tablet or even a 60” TV set if that is what a user is searching the web with.




We provide support—lots of support—before, during and after your website is built. We’re here in South Jersey, we’re real humans, and we’re just a phone call or email away. And our Managed Website Hosting will keep your site backed up, up-to-date and secure.

Website Design

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Our Process

It’s pretty simple really…

Step 1


We ask lots and lots of questions to get to know you, your company or organization, your industry, your goals, your ideas for a website, your competitors and even your dog’s name.

Step 2


This is the fun part. Based on our questioning step, we have a pretty good idea of what you need. Now we design what it is going to look like. We don’t just obsess on a website’s looks, we also obsess on the website’s navigation. If a user cannot find what they need on your website within 3 clicks, you have a pretty website that doesn’t do anyone much good.

Step 3

Add Content

Just like a recipe, we stir in some ingredients like well-written text, some compelling photography and graphics and voila, you have website.

Step 4

Playing & Testing

You play with your new site and let us know if it needs anything else, a few more spices or ingredients, maybe different combinations of content. After you are happy, we make sure you will be really happy by testing the website over and over again to make sure it will work.

Step 5


This is easy, we take your website live.

Step 6

Training & Support

We train you to make changes to your website so you are in control of it. With our support package we don’t just maintain and protect your website’s structure, we also will meet with you regularly to review how your site is doing.

Promote Your Website

It’s one thing to have one of our wonderful websites, but you also need to promote it as well. Learn how we can help!

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“The Internet will help achieve ‘friction free capitalism’ by putting buyer and seller in direct contact and providing more information to both about each other.”

– Bill Gates, Founder, Microsoft Corporation

Free Website Analysis

Did you know that we can provide a FREE analysis of your website? This detailed report will analyze your website’s on-page SEO, off-page backlinks, social media, performance, security and more.

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