Going Green - Burlington Press

Going Green

Doing Our Part To Improve The World We Live In

We are big believers in being responsible. As adults we are all responsible for making the world a better place for all those cute little children running around in it. The adults at our company believe that Burlington Press also needs to be responsible not only to our clients and employees, but to our community and the world as well.

You can read here about how we give back to the community, but we also feel that our company needs to be environmentally responsible. That is why we added solar power to run our office and equipment. We also responsibly recycle all of our waste materials. In fact, try putting a plastic bottle in the trash around here and see what happens. Our website data centers have also implemented new, high-efficiency servers.

In short, Burlington Press cares a lot about the Earth and all the kids who will inherit it someday, so we’re doing everything we can as a company to make sure they get a good one.


Going Green - Solar Panels

We Are Your Eco-Friendly Partner

From solar panels to wind energy to responsible waste management, we will always provide very green, very effective marketing services!

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