5 Marketing Mistakes to Learn From
March 2, 2020
Don’t Market Less, Market Smarter
March 14, 2020
5 Marketing Mistakes to Learn From
March 2, 2020
Don’t Market Less, Market Smarter
March 14, 2020

How to Convert Leads Into Sales With a Modern Digital Marketing Funnel

Companies who struggle to convert leads into sales will ultimately go out of business. Don’t let this happen to you!

There’s a good chance the culprit is your sales funnel. Odds are, you haven’t kept up to date with the best conversion practices. Luckily, with a few changes, you can modernize your old funnel and increase your sales volume.

Ready to get started? Here’s how to convert leads into paying customers with a digital marketing funnel.


Top of the Funnel: Awareness

At the top of your funnel, you want to connect with as many qualified buyers as possible. These consist of your target audience, or better yet, your buyer personas. It’s first best to know where your audience congregates.

Establishing your brand on an associated social media platform is an inexpensive way to share your company with the world. But not all demographics use these platforms the same way. 74% of Facebook users visit the site every day compared to Twitter’s 42%.

While social media is an important starting point, it can’t do all the heavy lifting. Brilliant SEO and content creation are pivotal elements to building brand awareness. These not only increase your visibility across search engines but also create content that’s worthy of sharing.


Middle of the Funnel: Discovery and Consideration

The wide net of the awareness funnel can help you land more click-throughs and page visits. But once your prospects land on your website, you want them to understand what you’re all about. Oftentimes, intelligent website design and blog content are enough to inform most visitors at a glance.

You may consider including calls-to-action in blog posts. Pop-ups can encourage customers to sign up for the email newsletter. A small incentive can give visitors the encouragement they need to surrender their email information.

The most difficult part of the digital marketing funnel is during the consideration phase. There are countless competitors that likely offer a similar product or service. So how do you stand out?

That depends on your industry. Building customer relationships and offering fantastic customer service can go a long way.

Consider an FAQ page and a 24/7 web chat service. Potential customers can get all the information they need without any friction that may turn them away.


Bottom of the Funnel: Conversion and Retention

There’s no magic wand that turns a lead into a sale. Segmented email marketing campaigns are one of the most cost-effective methods with a staggering 4200% ROI. But it’s the environment that matters most.

If you help your customers learn about your products, maintain positive reviews, and stand out with superior customer service, your leads will likely choose your company over your competitors.

Remember that once they make a purchase, your marketing efforts aren’t done. It’s cheaper to retain the same customer than convert another.

For that reason, enact a customer loyalty strategy. Keep current customers in the loop through your email marketing efforts and retargeting over social media and Google display ads.


Mastering the Digital Marketing Funnel

While this guide may make things look easy, it is anything but. Plus, small businesses may lack the manpower required to maintain a responsive digital marketing funnel.


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