Are Customer Journey Maps Part of Your Marketing Toolkit?
June 11, 2020
Baseball Team Hits A Homerun With Personalized Mailers
June 24, 2020
Are Customer Journey Maps Part of Your Marketing Toolkit?
June 11, 2020
Baseball Team Hits A Homerun With Personalized Mailers
June 24, 2020

Maximize Your Reach: Combine Print and Digital Media to Grow Your Leads

Are you wary of including print advertising in your modern marketing strategies?

With 56% of consumers finding print media trustworthy, growing your presence beyond digital advertising will help customers’ trust.

If you’re asking, “Why digital advertising?” because you use print media, digital media offers many advantages over print advertising.

Learn how to combine print and digital media to bring in customers and grow your brand.


Advantages of Print Advertising

Print and digital both offer advantages for your business. Print media gives different experiences including memorable content and a chance to build trust with customers.


One of the most important uses of print media over digital advertising is engagement. Your customers are given a different experience as readers when using print media.

Your audience is less likely to be misled by the internet features which go with digital marketing. Print advertising gives a means where customers are more open to your message.


Use color psychology in both print and digital media. It stands out because customers are less distracted by print media. Your customers have a very high chance of remembering visual content in print media.

In digital media, even the best color theory is less effective. The tactile nature of physical mail, as well as the other visual attributes, help your print ads stand out.


Customers trust print ads more than any other marketing channel. Consumers turn to print media far more often than turning to digital media. With this in mind, it’s essential to rely on this and other advantages of print advertising.


Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers several advantages unavailable to print media. What is digital advertising, if not an improvement, and expansion on print advertising?


Digital marketing gives you far more data to target your market audience. It also helps you target subgroups within it. Precision is paramount in digital marketing. Avoid making content that looks like clickbait or spam.

When you target your customers, you make an experience they can return to in the future. Accurate marketing builds brand loyalty.


With a focused digital marketing strategy, you can customize your audience’s online encounters. Personalized content will boost site traffic as well as ROI across different marketing channels.


One of the most important advantages of digital marketing is the ability to gather data. Information is power, especially in print and digital media. Whereas print media reports slowly to you, digital media offers it almost right away. You’re more likely to see lead generation change to revenue quickly.


Advantages of Combining Print and Digital Media

Although print and digital offer a lot of benefits on their own, they work even better together. But what are the advantages of combining digital media and print advertising?

Brand Recognition

You can better your brand recognition by bringing social media content to in-store displays. In-store campaigns can make customers turn to digital media for special deals and discounts, boosting your website traffic and raising your level in search engine rankings.

Audience Reach

Merging print and digital is a great way to boost your audience reach. Using social media reviews in print media can give clients real information that shows your brand’s credibility. Those customers unfamiliar with your digital presence are then put in touch with real reviews that might not have ever seen before.

Variable printing lets you take advantage of the best of print and digital media. This print advertising way uses collected digital data (e.g., customer names) to boost audience impact by personalizing mail in promotions, sweepstakes, and giveaways.

Calls to Action

Calls to action are a great chance for new combinations of print and digital media marketing. For example, you can offer digital opt-ins for direct mail for your eco-conscious customers, likely creating new leads by targeting an audience concerned with sustainability.

Another great call to action for your customers, when joining print and digital, could be placing QR codes or campaign hashtags on pieces of mail. These items give a seamless blend of the plusses of print advertising and digital marketing.


How to Combine Print and Digital Media

Fortunately for you, linking print and digital is easier than ever and offers more advantages than disadvantages. Now you’re aware of the advantages of combining the two, consider a few ways for using them in your marketing strategy. The advantages of digital marketing and print media combination allow you to try entirely new tactics.

Good Partners

Good partners make for a great business, but only if you carefully select them. Be sure to keep an eye out for companies that offer ads via Internet cookies, which track data on websites and limit contact with your audience.

Find an advertiser, such as Burlington Press, who uses digital advertising to make a personalized meaning for your audience. Our marketing services will help you effectively use both print and digital media.

Venue Campaigns

Venue campaigns combine print and digital by first using a digital ad and following up with direct mail. For example, you could promote an event across a broader audience digitally, and then use mail to include what often gets missed in email inboxes. Venue campaigns are good for restaurants, concerts, and audiences because they’re targeted for shopping at specific physical storefronts.


Where to Turn for Your Print and Digital Media Needs

Burlington Press offers both print and digital marketing options for you to expand your marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to determine how we can best work with you.


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