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Multi-Channel Marketing: Combining Print With Digital

Multi-channel Marketing Combining Print & Digital

You can easily double the response rates in your next campaign. How? Double up on media.

By using a combination of both print and digital media (email, social media, mobile sites), you’re likely to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by 200%. A recent study found a “multiplier effect” which showed marketing effectiveness doubled when combining print, events, and some form of digital media.

The research, conducted by Outsell Inc., found that this holds true whether the campaign is going to businesses or consumers. It also works for companies of all sizes. Among small business-to-business marketers, for example, the percentage which rated their marketing strategy as “extremely” or “somewhat” effective was doubled when the campaign utilized cross media rather than single channel. Among medium-sized consumer marketers effectiveness more than doubled, increasing by 2.2 times after utilizing more than one form of media.


Why does it work?

Why does this work so well? Multiple channels reinforce the message. Repetition means retention! Multiple channels also keep the message in front of your audience. That means you’re top-of-mind when they’re ready to act.


Is there a right combination?

There is no “right” combination of print and digital channels. The key is to choose a right combination for each marketing campaign and target audience. Just because one combination is right for one campaign doesn’t mean it is right for the next. Keep the mix current.

  • Print/Email combination: Send a printed piece and follow up by email. Or “prime the pump” with email before sending the printed piece.
  • Personalized URLs: Send a printed piece that contains a unique URL for each recipient. Personalized URLs are a great way to combine media. The content is not only personalized for each target individual, but their responses online can be tracked and updated to your marketing database as well.
  • Online prompts: Use social media, web advertising, or even your own website to allow people to request a printed piece. Consider setting up an option for respondents to personalize the piece so it is more relevant to them.
  • Electronic codes: Use short codes (a form of text messaging) or QR codes to send people from a printed piece (postcard, posters or banners, even cups and napkins) to the web.


Need help?

Talk to us. We’ll help you analyze the options and come up with the right combination of print and digital media for you.


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