May 31, 2014
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September 15, 2014

4 Signs Of A Modern Website


If your website does not contain the following, you need a new website.


Website Build

Is your website optimized for search engines? When someone in on your website does it provide the right impression? Is it easy to navigate and find information? Is it easy to read on a mobile device?

The days of slow-loading and cumbersome websites are gone. Your visitors want to be able to find information in three clicks or less. Your website’s navigation must help anyone find the information they need with a minimum of hassle. If not, they will leave and find what they need somewhere else.

Websites also need to look good. People can spot a do it yourself website a mile away and not only does it give you and unprofessional appearance, but it may lack the simple things that make a website easy to use and inviting to your visitors.


Mobile Compatible

I get a little tired of saying this but right now over 60% of all web searches are done on a mobile device like a smartphone. Users expect to see a website that is formatted for their phone. They do not want to see a desktop website built to look good on a large computer monitor shrunk down to squeeze into their tiny phone screen. There are also features on a mobile website that make navigating and using the site much easier on a mobile device. If your website does not have a distinct mobile version, or a responsive mobile design then the message you might be sending is that you just don’t care about more than half the people visiting your website.


Landing Pages

The concept of a home page on a website where everyone is directed is not necessarily viable any more. Search-engine optimized pages with specific information throughout the website are called landing pages. If someone searches on a keyword, such as “bicycle wheels,” they are directed to the page on your website with bicycle wheels and not the home page. Visitors quickly get the information they want without having to sift through information they don’t want.



Almost all people searching for products and services on Google will not look past the first page of results. Even though paid advertising results on Google are rising, 75% of searchers still focus only on organic results. If your company’s website isn’t showing up on page one, you are missing major opportunities.

Though paid search has its place for some products and services, Boosting organic search dramatically by optimizing your website, creating custom landing pages and more will yield better results and more customers.

You can never underestimate the importance of your website. As the web changes and those using the web change, you need to keep up and make sure that your website is viable and a conduit to providing information and creating new business.

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