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Mailing Lists: Connecting With the Right People

Mailing Lists: Connecting With the Right People

You have the perfect idea, the perfect execution, and the perfect printing. Now it’s time to send out your direct mail marketing campaign.

What makes the difference is the list of recipients.

There are several different types of lists that your business can use to get the results needed. Consider the following.


Finding Your Perfect Mailing List Option

residential mail listHouse List

A House List reflects the database of an organization.

It includes current customers, former customers, as well as prospects. Each business or organization builds this list to fit its own marketing criteria, and it requires constant updating to keep it relevant.

Response List

This list comprises of people with identifiable product interest and a proven willingness to buy, subscribe, join, contribute, inquire, or otherwise respond to specific offers.

These types of lists are popular due to the ability to pick people who have similar interests and where certain behaviors are apparent. The philosophy is that since these individuals have responded to other similar offers, they will probably respond positively to yours.

Buyer List

A Buyer List will include people who have purchased something because of an infomercial, a direct mail offer, a catalog, a print ad, or a website.

Attendee/Membership/Seminar List

This is a popular list which contains the names of individuals who attended a conference, trade show or other event that is similar to yours.

These are valuable lists because those people tend to spend a lot of money on things that matter to them. They are inquisitive and want to learn more.

subscription listSubscription Lists

Subscription Lists capture the names of people who have subscribed to newsletters and publications. These lists are helpful if you offer more information on what their interests are.

Donor Lists

These lists contain names of people who have donated to a cause. So, if your business or organization requires donors, this list would be helpful.


And the Lists Go On!

There are “Credit Card Holder Lists,” “Merged Database Lists,” “Compiled Lists” and more.

The important message is that there are lists to help you make the kind of impact you want. The better your list of recipients, the more successful your direct mail campaign will be!


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