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January 20, 2017
Cost Effective Marketing – Blogging
February 27, 2017

Cost Effective Marketing – Social Media


Using social media for marketing can help small businesses who are looking to further their reach. It’s FREE, easy to get started and offers a massive network of potential customers. Each platform is a bit different, but some practices work well across all of them…


Post Regularly

You don’t need to bombard your followers with content, but regular posts keep your business visible and show that you’re active and engaged. Don’t give up on your social media accounts, though. If it appears you’ve abandoned them, you can undermine customer trust.


Share Useful Content

The goal is to provide your followers with something that’s useful, interesting and shareable. Your customers want certain things, and you can earn their trust by posting information that helps them, like how-to articles, video tutorials, interviews and more.


Be Smart When Promoting

Social media is great for announcing new products or services, special sales or contents. When promoting, be careful to use clear, specific language to avoid misunderstandings. And don’t over-promote! Make sure you maintain a good mixture of informative and sales-oriented posts.



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