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Building Your Brand With Promotional Products

Increasing Brand Awareness with Promotional Products

Whether it’s a branded hat, desk calendar, or mug, most consumers own at least one promotional product. But promotional products are more than “feel good” gifts. They increase brand awareness among consumers and motivate purchase behavior. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular branded items today.



Pens are the most commonly owned promotional item. Not only do 89% of consumers own one, but consumers keep branded pens an average of nine months. That’s a lot of impressions. With the very low cost of these products, the cost per impression (CPI) comes out to 1/10th cent. Even better, 51% of consumers say that they would be more likely to do business with a company that gave them a branded pen.



T-shirts are also highly popular items, and 80% of consumers own one. Branded t-shirts are great for connecting with Millennials, in particular, who report owning five branded t-shirts, on average. Each t-shirt generates 3,400 impressions throughout its lifetime.  Since t-shirts are kept for an average of 14 months, this results in a CPI of 2/10th cent.



Perhaps more than any other promotional product, bags are walking billboards, and 73% of consumers own one. (Among Baby Boomers, this rises to 84%.) Bags are kept an average of 11 months and generate 3,300 impressions. At a cost of $5 per bag, this is a CPI of less than 2/10th cent. Plus, 50% of consumers are more likely to do business with an advertiser that gave them a promotional bag.



Hats are also highly popular promotional items, with 69% of consumers owning one. They are great for connecting with male consumers, in particular. One-third of men report wearing a branded hat at least once per week. Hats are kept an average of 10 months and generate 3,400 impressions. At a cost of $10 per hat, this gives hats a CPI of 3/10th cent.



Desk calendars are another great product for connecting with Millennials. Sixty-two percent of consumers own a branded calendar, and 31% of Millennials and GenXers use one on a daily basis. Calendars are great for longevity, too, with 52% being kept one year or more. Each calendar generates 850 impressions. At $3 per calendar, that’s a CPI of only 3/10th cent.


With such low costs and the power to motivate purchase behavior, promotional products give us a lot to love. How could you use them in your next campaign?

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