Forget Hashtags–Reels Are the Future of Instagram
Forget Hashtags–Reels Are the Future of Instagram
October 26, 2022
10 Ways to Ask for Google Reviews
10 Ways to Ask for Google Reviews
December 7, 2022
Forget Hashtags–Reels Are the Future of Instagram
Forget Hashtags–Reels Are the Future of Instagram
October 26, 2022
10 Ways to Ask for Google Reviews
10 Ways to Ask for Google Reviews
December 7, 2022

5 Powerful Ways to Build Your Brand Voice

5 Powerful Ways to Build Your Brand Voice

A brand voice can set you apart from your competitors. It’s the way you speak to people and the way you educate and steer them toward your products or services. But how do you develop one?

Think of your brand voice as your business’s unique personality. It’s how you want people to think of your company and what it stands for. It’s the way you want customers to feel when they interact with you or read about you in an article or blog post.

For companies like Apple and Nike, their brand voice is what separates them from other companies that sell similar products. Apple’s brand voice is unique and recognizable, which helps them build loyalty among customers drawn to their products and what they represent. It reinforces what makes their business special and what differentiates them from their competitors.

Let’s look at some ways to create a strong brand voice that resonates with your customers and followers.


1. Keep It Consistent

Ensure your brand voice is consistent across all your digital channels — websites, social media channels, emails, and so on.

A consistent brand voice helps people recognize your company quickly and easily, no matter where they encounter it online or offline. A consistent brand voice also makes it easier for customers to interact with you because they know what to expect when they visit your website or get an email from you.

If your logo changes every year, why would anyone think you’re a reliable business? If your website looks different on every page or if your employees give different answers when asked similar questions, your customers will have trouble trusting you with their money, information, or time.

Consistency is also important because it helps people remember who you are and what you do. If they see your logo everywhere and hear the same catchphrase repeatedly on billboards or see a video of your products on YouTube, they’ll know whom they should call if they have issues related to those products. Here are tips for doing that:

  • Be consistent in your tone, voice, and style
  • Be consistent across all platforms
  • Be consistent in your use of language, spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Be consistent in your choice of words and phrases
  • Be consistent in the way you present yourself

Consistency helps build trust with customers by showing them that there’s no gap between what they see online and what they’ll experience in person at one of your locations or through social media channels.


2. Keep It Simple

Be clear, direct. and simple. Avoid jargon or industry-specific terms where possible. Use plain language that anyone would understand. Avoid using too many words when one will convey the message. Short sentences are easier to remember.

Ensure your tone matches the feeling you’re trying to evoke with your brand image — whether it’s fun, serious, or somewhere in between. Use natural and conversational words, and make sure people understand what you’re saying.


3. Make Your Tagline Memorable

Craft a memorable tagline. A tagline is a short phrase that describes your business and what it stands for. A well-written tagline can help your business stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on customers.

When designing a tagline, keep these tips in mind:

  • Think of the main benefit of your service or product. What makes it different from other similar products? What makes it special?
  • Less is more! A long or complicated tagline won’t convey the right message. In fact, it may turn off potential customers who don’t want to read many words before they can figure out what your business does. Keep it simple.
  • Use action words like “quickly” or “easily” if possible — these words help drive home the point that whatever you do can be done fast and with less effort by anyone,

Also, ensure your tagline includes keywords that people could search for when looking for a product or service like yours.


4. Write In An Active Voice

Write in active voice: for example, “We designed our product to be efficient” rather than “Our product is designed to be efficient.” Active voice makes writing more engaging and persuasive because it helps readers connect with you on a personal level.

It also helps avoid the passive voice, which can be tiring for consumers. The passive voice makes them work harder to figure out what you’re saying. Plus, it doesn’t sound like you’re speaking directly to them.


5. Make Your Brand Voice Authentic

An authentic brand voice is a powerful tool for adding real value to your content marketing efforts. It helps you build a deeper connection with your audience, which leads to more engagement and sales. Make it authentic and distinguishable from other brands.

When you have an authentic brand voice, it makes it easier for people to understand what you stand for, whom you serve, and how you want to be perceived by others. This helps them form an opinion about whether they want to do business with you before they even visit your website or make a purchase decision.

Voice is personality. Even if you don’t use words, your brand has a personality that people feel when they interact with you. You can convey this through images, colors, and sounds — all things that come together to form an impression of your business.  Ensure yours stands out.


Your brand voice is one of the most important aspects of your business because it helps build trust, attract, and retain customers, and ultimately stand out from the competition.

The key to creating a strong brand voice is to understand what makes people buy from YOU instead of someone else — then use that understanding to shape how you communicate with them. Ensure yours sets you apart.


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